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Change your name legally in Delhi / NCR easily! 

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Need to legally change your name for marriage, astrological, passport, personal or professional reasons? We make this complicated matter simple!  With us your entire process for name change is very transparent and choosing us provides the following benefits:

  • Get Peace of Mind – With us handling your process, you can be rest assured that your change of name is verified evidence for all legal purposes. 
  • Saves You Time – As experienced professionals we would review and complete your documents, as well as guide you on the fastest way to get your name change done so you can move past this quickly! No standing in lines! We even send our staff to pick up paperwork from your doorsteps. 
  • Easy, Quick & Legal – We ensure we get things right the first time so you get your legal change of name documents in an easy, quick and legal way. 

Basically with us you not only save TIME , ENERGY and MONEY but above all there is complete peace of mind.

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We are the service of choice for legal change of name in Delhi for any reason such as: 

  • Change name after marriage
  • Change name after divorce
  • Changing name in passport
  • Change of name on driving license

We accept cash, cheque or online payments.

Service & Pricing
Package                Features   Price  
Basic    Easy basic name change  Rs 4,000   
Jumbo Pack(Popular)   Includes other service like passport etc  Rs 6,000+ Call for pricing  
Supreme(Tatkal)   Includes passport, voter id, driving license  Rs 12,000  

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Changename – INR4,000 (official charges extra)