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Court marriage registration for all religious/ceremonial marriage is compulsory in most states of India and provides valuable evidence of your marriage. In fact, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has ruled that registration of marriage is compulsory and directed all the states and union territories to frame rules accordingly. Our marriage registration service provides the following benefits:

  • Get Peace of Mind – With us handling your marriage certificate process, you can be rest assured that your marriage registration is verified evidence for all legal purposes. 
  • Saves You Time - As experienced professionals we would review and complete your marriage documents, as well as guide you on the fastest way to get your marriage certificate. 
  • Easy, Quick & Legal – We ensure we get things right the first time so you get your marriage registration certificate in an easy, quick and legal way. 
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Service & Pricing
Package                Features   Price  
Basic    Easy basic marriage registration  Rs 7,500   
Deluxe(Popular)    Quick Turnaround. Verification Included.  Rs 11,000  
Supreme(Tatkal)    Fastest turnaround. Super Easy  Rs 16,000  

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Marriage Registration Service Basic – INR 7,500 (includes all other official charges)

Marriage Registration Service Deluxe - INR 11,000 (includes all other official charges)

Marriage Registration Service Supreme-INR 16,000(includes all other official charges)