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Passport Services for all. The Indian Passport is the primary travel document issued by the Government of India to its citizens. It enables the bearer to travel internationally and serves as proof of Indian citizenship. The Consular Passport & Visa (CPV) Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, functioning as the central passport organisation, is responsible for issuance of Indian passports on demand to all eligible Indian citizens. Passports are issued at 37 locations across the country and at 162 Indian missions (High Commissions, Embassies and Consular posts) abroad. Our passport service provides the following benefits:             


  • Get Peace of Mind – With us handling your process, you can be rest assured that your passport registration process becomes absolutely hassle and tension free. .
  • Saves You Time – As experienced professionals we would review and complete your documents, as well as guide you on the fastest way to get your Passport.. 
  • Easy, Quick & Legal – We ensure we get things right the first time so you get your Passport in an easy, quick and legal way. 
So what are you waiting for!!!! Call +91-9811120325 now to get your PASSPORT process started! 
We accept cash, cheque or online payments.
Service & Pricing
Passport fee that we charge is dependent on many factors. When you call  +919811120325, we would suggest you the right package based on your needs and the following factors: 
1. How many pages do you need in the passport: Options include 36 pages or 60 pages. Government fee vary based on this. We can make a recommendation based on your past travel history. 
2. Tatkal or Regular Passport: Taktal is faster to process and we can get this within 4-5 days. However it requires additional documents such as verification certificate etc. We can guide you on this when you call. 
3. Document Availability: Our fee vary based on documents that you have and  what may be needed in your case. We can guide you on this based on specific needs of your case. 

­IMPORTANT:- From 21st June 2013 online fee payment has become mandatory i.e. people seeking appointment would need to deposit the fees online or generate a Challan payable at SBI Banks and carry its receipt with them while visiting the respective PSK(Passport Seva Kendra).

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